The HS6206 is a member of the low-cost, high-performance family of intelligent 2.4 GHz RF transceivers with embedded microcontrollers. The HS6206 is optimized to provide a single chip solution for Ultra Low Power (ULP) wireless applications. The combination of processing power, memory, low power oscillators, real-time counter and a range of power saving modes provides an ideal platform for implementation of RF protocols. Benefits of using HS6206 include tighter protocol timing, security, lower power consumption and improved co-existence performance. For the application layer the HS6206 offers a rich set of peripherals including: SPI (master and slave), UART, PWM, USB, and so on.


Features of the HS6206 include:

► Fast 8-bit microcontroller:

♦ Intel MCS 51 compliant instruction set

 Reduced instruction cycle time, up to 12 times compared to legacy 8051

► Memory:

 Program memory: 16 kB of OTP memory with security features

 Internal RAM: 256Byte

 User Data memory: 256 byte of on-chip RAM memory

A number of on-chip hardware resources are available through programmable multi-purpose input/output pins:

 18 GPIO

 SPI master

 SPI slave

 Full duplex serial port


 External interrupts

♦ Timer inputs

High performance 2.4 GHz RF transceiver

 True single chip GFSK transceiver

 Enhanced ShockBurst™ link layer support in HW:

•  Packet assembly/disassembly

•  Address and CRC computation

•  Auto ACK and retransmit

 On the air data rate 500 kbps, 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps

 125 RF channels operation, with 79 (2.402 GHz –2.480 GHz) channels within 2.400–2.4835 GHz

  Short switching time enable frequency hopping

System reset and power supply monitoring:

 On-chip power-on and brown-out reset

 Watchdog timer reset

 Reset from pin

 Power-fail comparator with programmable threshold and interrupt to MCU

On-chip timers:

 Three16-bit timers/counters operating at the system clock (sources from the 16 MHz on-chip oscillators)

•  Timer 0, Timer 1 are compatible to standard 8051

•  Timer 2 supports timer mode and compare/capture mode

 One 24-bit timer/counter operating at the low frequency clock (32kHz)

On-chip oscillators:

 16 MHz crystal oscillator XOSC16M

 16 MHz RC-oscillator RCOSC16M

 32kHz RC-oscillator RCOSC32K

Power management function:

 Low power design supporting fully static stop/ standby

 Programmable MCU clock frequency from 125 kHz to 16 MHz

 On chip voltage regulators supporting low power mode

 Watchdog and wakeup functionality running in low power mode





HS6206 block diagram


•   Wireless PC peripheral devices 

•   Mouse, Keyboard 

•   Remote Control 

•   Consumer Electronics 

•   wireless game controller 

•   Wireless Audio Device 

•   Toys 

•   VOIP and wireless headsets 

•   personal health and recreation facilities 

•   Smart Home



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