•  2G/3G/4G antenna diversity or LTE (FDD/TDD) TRX•  Cellular modems and USB Devices Features•  Excellent insertion loss and isolation performance-  0.6 dB Insertion Loss at 2.7GHz-  27 dB Isolation at 2.7GHz•  Multi-Band operation 0.1 to 3.0GHz•  Compact 2mm x 2mm in QFN-14 package•  No DC blocking capacitors required (unless external DC is applied to the RF ports) DescriptionThe HS8716 is a low loss, high isolation SP6T switch with performance for antenna switch. The HS8716 is compatible with +1.3V control logic, which is a key requirement for most cellular transceivers. This part is packaged in a compact 2mm x 2mm, 14-pin, QFN package which allows for a small solution size with no need for external DC blocking capacitors (when no external DC is applied to the device ports).The HS8716 is part of a scalable family of products that covers SP3T through SP8T switches that allow up to eight bands of WCDMA/LTE. •  HS8713 SP3T Antenna Switch•  HS8714 SP4T Antenna Switch•  HS8715 SP5T Antenna Switch•  HS8716 SP6T Antenna Switch•  HS8718 SP8T Antenna Switch   Block Diagram and Pinout   Figure 1. HS8716 Block Diagram  Figure 2. HS8716 Pinout (Top View)


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