Product Features

• Performance optimized for LTE Band 40

• Compatible with Envelope Tracking

Controller (ETC) implementation

• Vcc2 decoupling caps

• Optimized for APT DCDC operation

• High efficiency

• Up to 20 MHz bandwidth

• Fully programmable Mobile Industry

Processor Interface (MIPI) control

• MIPI programmable bias modes

optimize best efficiency

• Small, low profile Package:

2.0 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.85 mm, Max

LGA 10 pad configuration


• Long-Term Evolution (LTE)

• Evolved Universal

Terrestrial Radio Access

Networks (EUTRAN)

• Handsets and Data Cards

Functional Block Diagram

Product Description

HS8490 Power Amplifier Module (PAM) is a fully matched, 10-pad surface mount (SMT) module developed for LTE applications. The module is fully programmable through a Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI). Attaining high efficiencies throughout the entire power range while meeting the stringent linearity requirements of LTE, the HS8490 delivers unsurpassed savings in current consumption for data-intensive applications.


The PAM contains all amplifier active circuitry, including input, interstage, and output matching circuits. Output match into a 50-ohm load, realized off-chip within the module package, and optimizes efficiency and power performance. A CMOS integrated circuit uses standard MIPI controls to provide the internal MFC interface and operation. Extremely low leakage current maximizes handset standby time. The devices packaged in a small LGA package. (2.0 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.85 mm)

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