Product Features

High Output Power

  33.5dBm at GSM850/EGSM900

  31.0dBm at DCS1800/PCS1900

High Power Added Efficiency

  GSM850 40% PAE

  EGSM900 42% PAE

  DCS1800 35% PAE

  PCS1900 35% PAE

Integrated Control and Protection



  VBATT Operating range 3.0V to 4.5V

  Complete power control solution

  Advanced CMOS process 

  LGA 7.0mm x6.0mm x 0.93mm 

  Quad-band cellular handsets

  Multimode Mobile Handset Applications

  GPRS Class 12 Compliant

  Portable Battery-Powered Equipment



                         Functional Block Diagram


Product Description

The HS8269S is a complete CMOS high-power, high-efficiency transmit module for low cost quad-band TX (GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900)/dual-band RX GSM/GPRS mobile handsets. Power amplifier, Power controller circuit and switch circuit have been integrated in a single CMOS chip. Internal TX/RX 50Ω matching, DC blocking on TX/Ant and harmonic filtering circuits are integrated, and this eliminates the extra need of external components, simplifies layout and reduces board space as well. The advanced front-end module architecture has been designed specifically to use standard CMOS technology to implement high output power at high efficiency over all the operating conditions. No external compensation for temperature, frequency or battery is another advantage to meet RF performance over various conditions. The module is packaged in a small LGA format (7.0mm x6.0mm x0.93mm).

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