HunterSun Announces the Selection of IBM RF SOI Foundry Technology for High Performance RF Switch Product Family Development

Beijing,China, April 5, 2014 -- HunterSun, a fabless semiconductor company which markets, designs and develops innovative SoC and Radio Frequency (RF) chips forcellular and connectivity applications, today announced that it has successfully come to an agreement with IBM, the world’s leading RF SOI provider, to manufacture high performance RF switches used in Front End Modules (FEM) and Antenna Switch Modules (ASM). The RF switches can provide superior performance and significant cost reduction compared with GaAs or SOS alternatives.


“RF SOI is an excellent process technology for RF switches, based on this advanced process technology, we are able to develop and provide the RF switches integrated with digital MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface), highly rejection harmonic filters, excellent ESD performance switch module for 3G/4G applications, “ said Aaron Yang, Chairman of HunterSun Electronics. “ We already have SP6T and SP8T RF switches in volume production in IBM, but we still need to develop a series of ASM product family to compactable with MIPI for 3G and 4G handset system, even for WIFI application. We chose IBM because they provide a mature RF SOI technology that has been proven in high volume manufacturing. I am glad that we can settle down the final strategic cooperation with IBM for future switch, even PA product design using SOI process.”


“The broad IBM RF SOI technology portfolio enables designers to optimize for both RFperformance and chip-area, to create RF switches that meet the most demanding4G/LTE system requirements as well as lower-performance RF switches where chip-area is differentiating,” said Steve Ray, VP of Microelectronics Brand and Worldwide Sales, IBM. “We are pleased that HunterSun has adopted IBM RFSO Itechnology for their RF switch series and roadmap extensions as they position themselves to compete in this dynamic mobile market.” Based on the strategic agreement, HunterSun will develop switch product family from SP2T up to SP16T using IBM RF SOI technology. This technology can enables witches with high intermodulation distortion (IMD2/IMD3) performance,low loss and high isolation TRx path, which makes it an excellent choice for UMTS, CDMA2000, EDGE, GSM and LTE applications. RF switches are widely used intoday’s fast growing multiband multimode 3G and 4G handset systems. The sehandsets are becoming increasingly complex as evidenced by the China Mobile requirement for LTE smartphones to support 5 modes and 10 frequency bands. Requirements like these drive RF architectures that may include at least three switch modules for mode and band switching, voice and data paths, and receive diversity. Switch content may increase accordingly with higher handset functionintegration in the future.  


About HunterSun

HunterSun Inc. is an innovator of high performance RF and SOC integrated circuit. Its product supports feature handset, wireless connection, GPS, smartphone and tablet applications. The Company’s portfolio includes power amplifiers, front-end modules, switches, wireless transmissionchip, Bluetooth system-on- chips, LNB satellite down converter and GPS LNAs.


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