HunterSun won the award of "Innovative Engineer 2013" from EDN China

Shanghai, Nov. 12, 2013, the “INNOVATION AWARD” supported by EDN China Electronic Design was announced in Shanghai. HunterSun won the award of “Innovative Engineer 2013" from EDN China with its CMOS GSM RF front-end chip HS8269. In China, HS8269 is the first CMOS GSM RF front-end chip in massive shipment with full proprietary intellectual property right. HS8269 performs very well in power, efficiency and ESD protective capability and obtains significant market reputation since shipment in Jun2013. Meanwhile, China Electronic Appliance Shenzhen Co., Ltd, a cooperation partner of HunterSun, won the prize of “Engineers’Favorite Dealer”.

EDN China Electronic Design is a popular media in electronic field. Since the first “EDN China INNOVATION AWARD” in 2005, the activity of the “EDN China INNOVATIONAWARD” is accepted by and popular in IC companies and electronic engineers. In this competition, 82 companies including well-known companies such as Qualcomm, Freescale, Broadcom, T, NI, ADI, 144 new products and 60 distributors, took part in the activity. The honor of the “Innovative Engineer’ to HunterSun is agreat positive response and popular acceptance to the products of HunterSun.

Dr QinghuaYang, the board chairman of HunterSun expressed, “It is a great honor for HunterSunthat obtains the affirmative by experts, EDN China senior editors and engineers.The award to HunterSun is a good evaluation of innovative capability of R&Dof HunterSun. HunterSun will try its best to achieve high cost-effective ICproducts and contribute for semiconductor industry’s development”.

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