Director of institute of microelectronics, Professor Tianchun Ye visited HunterSun

In the afternoon ,23th Sep.2013,the director of Centre of Internet of Things (CIT)-China,CIT-CAS, CIT-Jiangsu province, the vice executive president of EDA CAS, the Directorof institute of micro electronics, Professor Tianchun Ye etc. visited HunterSun.The assistant of president of Datang Group Dr. Jiaxing Sun, the chief analyst of iSuppli WenjunGu, the secretary of director of institute of microelectronics Liwei Shang were accompanying with him. The chairman of the board Dr. Qinghua Yang and CEO Yongxue Qian and production director Yi Ouyang gave them a warm reception on behalf of HunterSun.

The group visited the RFD testing lab and the administrative areas of HunterSun. and had a chat with theex-graduates of Institute of Microelectronics .


Dr. Yang gave a talk regarding the brief situation of HunterSun, including the products and theirapplication fields, the market, the marketing strategy and the future planning.Impressed by the achievement of HunterSun in one year since its start up,Director Ye presented his suggestions for the improvement of HunterSun. and hiswarm wishes to the bright future of HunterSun. 

The current situation anddevelopment tendency of IC industry was analysised and discussed thoroughly by the guests and HunterSun. Director Ye expressed that ime will support HunterSun strongly in project application, resource, information and equipments sharing. 

Dr. Qinghua Yang appreciated director TianchunYe’s affirmative /encouragement and supportsincerely. He emphasized that HunterSun has a wonderful beginning, but which just is a first step of a long march. The future of HunterSun is full of challenges and hope. HunterSun. will grow up steadily.

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