HunterSun signed university-industry cooperation agreement with GuizhouMinzu University

In the afternoon on September 10th, 2013, cooperation ceremony was held in GuizhouMinzu University conference room I. Dr Qinghua Yang the chairman of the board,general manager Qing Chen, VP Chengguang Shen of HunterSun, vice secretary of GuizhouMinzu University professor Jianrong Tang, head of school ofinformation engineering professor Dasen Ren, head of university office Xingfa He attended the signing ceremony for the cooperation between  HunterSun and GuizhouMinzu University.




Firstly, professor JianrongTang introduced the campus planning, number of teachers and students, discipline construction and other preliminary situations of the university. He denoted, itwas an honor of the university to erectcooperation with HunterSun, a high techenterprise with great future. The cooperation is useful for university staffsand students to extend sight. He wished both sides to have extensive communication and promote the development of high tech industry in Guizhouprovince together. 



The chairman of the board Dr Yang introduced on the general situation, organization structure, production advantage, technical feature and personnel of HunterSun mainly. He expressed that HunterSun holds the sustainable development conception. The broader communication and further cooperation are expected. 



At last, Dr. Qinghua Yang onbehalf of HunterSun and professor Jianrong Tang on behalf of GuizhouMinzu University signed the “university-industry cooperation agreement between GuizhouMinzu University and HunterSun”.








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