Mayor Miao Zhang of Kaili city visited HunterSun

On 12th Aug, 2013, Mayor Miao Zhang of Kailii city, Guizhou province accompanying with other officers visited HunterSun Beijing headquarter. Chairmanof the board Dr. Qinghua Yang and VP HaoMeng and other staffs of HunterSun gave the group a warm welcome. The future plan of HunterSun was discussed deeply.

Dr.Qinghua Yang introduced the company structure, background of the core team,products and their applications, marketing status, cooperation with othercompanies etc. VP HaoMeng presented a brief introduction regarding the features and market potential of key products of HunterSun Production director Yi Ouyang showed mayor’s group some chips and EVB boards, this made the visiting group have a direct feeling of HunterSun products.

 Mayor Miao Zhang gave affirmative to the development of HunterSun and encouragementto HunterSun. And then he introduced the development plan and the orientation of Kaili city. As well, the mayor’s group and the HunterSun seniors had athorough talk to build a positive and active cooperation between HunterSun and Kaili.For example, how will Kaili City support the growth of the HunterSun, and how HunterSunhelp Kaili City to upgrade its industry structure. Moreover, Mayor Miao Zhangmentioned two key tasks of Kaili City, i.e. the orientation of plan of Kaili.To provide excellent service for all investors and enterprises is the first oneof Kaili City. He said “only if investors and enterprises get benefit andconvenience from Kaili, they would be happy to settles in Kaili, and then inturn, the Kailii could achieve sustainable development”.


To upgrade the industry structure towards high-level service, high-level industrializationis the second key task of Kaili. This needs the cooperation between high-techcompanies and Kaili.

The gold brand company can help in shaping the city’s character and enhancing creative ability. Mayor Miao Zhang pointed out: Being the first high- tech IC company in Guizhou, HunterSun occupies a key position in Kaili second industryfield. Kaili government will provide HunterSun with economic and policyprivilege. Mean while, HunterSun.and mayor’s group exchanged the points on Kaili industry park construction planning ,the resource needed and the government support model. At the end of the meeting, mayor Zhang admitted, Kaili needs HunterSun, and hope HunterSun can do contribute for Kaili development and the transformationof economy model. 

After the meeting, Mayor Miao Zhang’s group visited HunterSun Beijing lab. The meeting made both sides to know each other deeply, and this established astable base for further cooperation.






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