Notice of company renaming

Dear partners:

       In order to strengthen brand building of company, we changed the company's name from “Beijing Huntersun Electronics Co., Ltd.” to “Beijing OnMicro Electronics Co., Ltd.”. At that time, all the business of the original company, “Beijing Huntersun Electronic Co., Ltd.”, will continue to be operated normally by “Beijing OnMicro Electronics Co., Ltd.”. All the credits and liabilities of the original company are inherited by“Beijing OnMicro Electronics Co., Ltd.” The contract that the company has signed does not affect its legal effect due to the change of name.

       From now on, all the company's internal and external documents, materials, receipts, account numbers, tax numbers, etc. will use the new company name.

       We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the change of company name, and sincerely appreciate the old and new partners for their consistent support.



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